Sale or Succession

Sale or Succession

The only real reason for starting a business is to eventually sell it. The wages and profits from a business are important, but the real profit is often made when the business is sold. To maximise the sale value of a business, it needs to be run without your day to day involvement.

The irony is that if you cannot extract yourself from your business, then you are unlikely to be able to sell it. We can show you the steps to extracting yourself from your business and, at the same time, improving its profit, its value and its saleability.

We often find that clients who have been through this process don’t want to sell because their business becomes very profitable. But it’s nice to have the choice.

We can add great value to the sale of your business with our unique and simple ‘4 Steps to Sale of Business Success’ program which is designed to be undertaken prior to a sale to give you as much certainty as possible for the outcome together with peace of mind for all the residual commercial matters.

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