Growth has two aspects; your business and your wealth.

For your business, controlled and sustainable growth should be the goal. We can assist by providing you with proven ways to increase sales and customers, setting and managing targets and KPI’s, guiding you around the inevitable barriers, minimising your tax and ensuring you have a clear picture of your business.

Moving to cloud accounting is the cornerstone for modern-day business growth. Cloud accounting will immediately save costs and time, and help you to identify trends and make better business decisions. We have extensive expertise with Xero and MYOB online accounting and we can help move your business to the right system.

If you’re hungry for your piece of the business pie but don’t exactly want to spend a couple months playing hit and miss with investors and potential customers then our one-page business plan could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Many entrepreneurs have turned to our one-page business plan in order to get their business off the ground faster instead of opting for a detailed and time consuming approach.

We also seek to ensure that your personal wealth grows and reflects the efforts you have made. We plan for the eventual sale of your business, maximising your retirement funds, minimising your personal tax and having the best investment structure.


We can assist you by establishing goals and KPI’s. We work with you to ensure you have the best structure; that you understand your profit drivers, and that you keep more of what you earn. We can step you through processes that will ensure long term sustainable profit.

We maintain that a business that has a regular financial health check is more likely to be profitable, have better cash flow and operate with less financial risk. Best business practice is not just about getting your house in order, it is about setting up your business for the challenges and opportunities it will face in the future.


Profit and growth is pointless if you have no cash to show for it. We concentrate on both the cash in your business, and the cash in your personal life.

Irrespective of the size of your business, we can implement management accounting procedures to ensure a flow of regular, meaningful management reports. The preparation of budgets, forecasts and cash flow projections ensures your business and personal strategies are kept on track.

The Cloud

Accounting online with systems such as Xero and MYOB is designed to help businesses concentrate on core activities, and is the base component of our fixed price accounting and taxation service.

Xero Live and MYOB AccountRight Live are accounting software that let you work on your accounts online and save data securely in the cloud. You can manage your business anywhere anytime. Which means you’re free to work whenever and wherever you like. With Live reporting you can get a snap shot of how your business is going anytime.

We recognise that as a business owner, you require accounting, taxation and business management support and advice whenever you need.

With this in mind we offer business clients the option of an open and transparent fixed price accounting and taxation service which will save you time and money. DIY data capture performed by either Xero Live or MYOB AccountRight Live is the base component of the service, and fixed price, unlimited advice, and a monthly payment plan, are key features. This way you will always know where you stand.

Contact us to assist you with the installation and set-up of Xero Live or MYOB AccountRight Live, and to establish a fixed price accounting service which enables you to surge ahead in your business growth.


Do you have the right business structure? Are your business assets, your personal assets and your investments fully protected?

We can set up your structure to provide maximum protection and to minimise potential risks. We can show you how to not only fully protect your assets, but to grow them as well.


We are taxation specialists and offer clients a broad range of fully integrated taxation advisory, planning and compliance services. Our approach combines insight and innovation from multiple disciplines and industry knowledge to help your business excel.

We can show you how to legally minimise the tax that you pay and, therefore, retain more of what you earn.

We have extensive expertise in submitting debt payment arrangement applications to the Australian Taxation Office for clients in respect to income tax debts, GST debts, PAYG Withheld debts, and superannuation guarantee charge debts.

We have a high success rate with the debt payment arrangement applications we submit to the Australian Taxation Office, including success with applications for the remittance of interest and penalties levied on client’s tax debts.

We are expert in identifying and accessing R&D tax credits and a range of relevant government grants and incentives, as well as evaluating projects for tax efficient outcomes. We can offer support with R&D business process management and finding opportunities for further government support. We effectively liaise with the numerous Federal and State Government agencies and industry bodies.

Business Turnaround

We recognise that business owners are challenged on a daily basis and businesses can become operationally and financially distressed and may require a turnaround. In our experience there are two types of business turnarounds:

The first type sees the storm coming and requires professional advice to weather the storm and change course if needed. The second type, which is the classic type of business turnaround, turns up on your doorstep during the storm seeking an umbrella.

Both types can benefit from turnaround advice, one takes longer and might require critical change and the other might just get by with minimal adjustment. We are highly experienced in turnaround for underperforming, undercapitalised and undermanaged businesses.

Contact us to see how we can help you to turn your business around within a relatively short period of time.

Financial Planning

We see financial planning as a journey. From the early years when borrowings are high and savings must be carefully planned, through the accumulation years when debt levels reduce and savings capacity increases and finally into the retirement years when careful planning from the previous phases bears fruit of financial security.

The need for quality financial advice has never been greater, and our related financial planning firm Smart Wealth meets this need by providing integrated professional financial planning, investment and life insurance services to our clients.

Our aim is to assist you to build and protect your financial future. Our services include:

Lifestyle financial planning, Personal and business risk insurance, Superannuation and rollover investments, Retirement planning and pension strategies, Wills and specialist estate planning, and Salary packaging

Business Health Check

Business owners continue to be challenged by local and global economic and social factors which can take business off track.

We have developed a unique 27 point business financial health check program which identifies what business owners need to change and improve to grow business, save costs, increase profit, protect assets and have a better cash flow.

Our business health check covers key areas such as finance, strategy, regulation, management and personal financial affairs, and automatically produces suggested business improvement actions to be taken by you and/or with our professional assistance.

Sale or Succession

The only real reason for starting a business is to eventually sell it. The wages and profits from a business are important, but the real profit is often made when the business is sold. To maximise the sale value of a business, it needs to be run without your day to day involvement.


The irony is that if you cannot extract yourself from your business, then you are unlikely to be able to sell it. We can show you the steps to extracting yourself from your business and, at the same time, improving its profit, its value and its saleability.

We often find that clients who have been through this process don’t want to sell because their business becomes very profitable. But it’s nice to have the choice.

We can add great value to the sale of your business with our unique and simple ‘4 Steps to Sale of Business Success’ program which is designed to be undertaken prior to a sale to give you as much certainty as possible for the outcome together with peace of mind for all the residual commercial matters.